Your Flight Plan to Success Blue Rocket’s Guide to Business Growth


Your Flight Plan to Success Blue Rocket’s Guide to Business Growth


Look what we found on eBay!

When we recently saw our book ‘Your Flight Plan to Success’ for sale online (see right), we couldn’t believe our eyes, of course we know its huge value for business Directors and that it’s packed with incredibly useful information, but we offer it as a free download right here on our website!

Therefore, we thought we’d share a summary of its contents to those yet to be introduced, and all the ‘must knows’ shared inside. Download it for free below today (no need to rush to eBay to buy it).


There's No Need to Buy This Book, When You Can Download it for Free!

Access help from a professional accountant who specialises in helping make businesses like yours more successful, more profitable and more enjoyable to run.

OK, so it sounds good – but how does this relate to you and your business? Why read this book? Well, there are seven different answers –your seven key growth drivers and it is only with these that you can you easily unlock the true potential of your business.


What’s Included:

The critical numbers every business owner must know

A case study: A business going nowhere

How to get more customers

How to sell more by converting more leads into sales

How do you convince people to buy from you?

How to become better at explaining why people should buy from you

How to get your customers to buy more from you

How to get your customers to buy more often

How to get your customers to remain customers for longer

How to use price to transform your profits

Understanding your ‘magic price’

Adjusting prices to match different customer values

How to make business growth automatic

How to get exponential growth

And finally, … The most powerful thing you can do to grow your business


Don’t buy this book! Get it for free right here directly from the authors and experts at Blue Rocket Accounting. Download your copy below now.

What the critics have said

“A definitive book on business that uses devastatingly simple language and examples to get across profoundly powerful ideas that will transform your results.”

David Thomas, Sunday Times No.1 bestselling author, Grand Master of Memory and US Memory Champion


“If you don’t read this book, you might as well take aim and deliberately shoot yourself in the foot! It’s simple, easy to understand and will transform the results of your business.”

Derek Williams, author of “Wow! That’s What I call Service”


“Quite simply, the best book I have read giving entrepreneurs simple tips to make them more successful. A winning combination of robust advice that it is easy to apply, time and time again. Read this book, and watch your business soar.”

Andy Bounds, Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year, and author of international best-sellers “The Snowball Effect” and “The Jelly Effect”


“You’ll LOVE the real-life stories and the oh-so-simple insights. And better yet, you’ll see the profits flowing back into your business in a heartbeat. It really is that simple. AND that quick!”

Paul Dunn, author of “The Firm of the future”

Download below for free to access a free copy of your own!

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