Reach for the stars, follow your heart's desire…


No, we’re not singing that infamous S Club 7 song, we’re about to show you ways to propel your company’s growth to the next level, so you can watch it really take off.


If you’re the owner of an already established and successful company, and you’re ambitious for more, roll up your sleeves and read on. We’re going to help you to build the business empire you’ve always dreamed of…

As we’re sure you already know, small and medium sized businesses are crucial to the UK economy. In 2018, the combined annual turnover of SMEs in the UK was estimated at £2.2 trillion[1]. SMEs, take a well-deserved bow.

Sadly though, that doesn’t mean it’s plain sailing when trying to run and grow your own business. Firstly, there’s the ever-sticky issue of cashflow. Cashflow can be a constant thorn in the side of growing businesses, with over half of SME owners citing the lack of access to funding as the primary reason they are struggling to grow their business[2].

Sound familiar? If your business is in growth, but cashflow is still tight and you’re at a loss for what to do next, don’t just ignore the problem. Your accountant should be able to advise you on how best to scale your business for growth, whether that be helping you evaluate and plan your sales forecast, or working with you to secure additional funding for extra staff, technology or facilities.

Ready, steady….GROW

Our Reach for the Stars programme has been specifically devised for ambitious business owners who are looking to scale to the next level.

The first thing we’ll do when you join the programme is sit down together to discuss your business goals. We want to understand where you are now in terms of sales, organisation and systems (you can’t plan for growth unless you know this) and where you want your business to go.  Once we’ve got all this, we’ll make a plan to track your progress against and help you achieve your goals.

Our mission is simple: we want to help you grow your business. With this in mind, we will act as your finance director. We’ll have a look at your accounts in depth, taking stock of your corporate structure, current accounting systems and tax contributions, offering advice on efficiencies where possible. This will equip us with the information we need to set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which we’ll help you monitor and achieve by sending you monthly reports direct from your accounting software, providing assistance and feedback based on the findings, and generally keeping you on track.

We’ll meet again at year-end to discuss your numbers and what they mean for your business going forward. To give you a sense of how you’re progressing, we’ll prepare a benchmarking report, detailing your performance compared to similar businesses in your market, so that you can get a feel for opportunities that might be out there and what you need to do to keep your business where you want it to be.

How has Reach for the Stars helped other business owners?

  • An average business growth of 600%
  • Not incurring penalties and fines has saved businesses thousands!
  • Complete confidence in their bookkeeping reports
  • Average tax planning savings of £42,000
  • 100% confidence in their management decisions

Case Study: The Rouge Partnership Limited – Multi-service creative events agency

Nick Wright and Nathan Homan, from Rouge Partnership Limited, began their relationship with Blue Rocket after an underwhelming year end in 2010. Their performance in 2011 was extremely promising and their management accounts showed record profits, however this resulted in a projected tax bill of £217,175. To make matters worse their effective tax rate was 29.75%, large companies only pay 28%.

Nick and Nathan raised their concerns in their pre year end planning meeting with their Blue Rocket Accountant and through structured tax planning questions a solution was found. Blue Rocket Accounting was able to use simple and effective tax planning to reduce the effective tax rate to 21%, that’s a saving of over 8%. This saved Nick and Nathan an astonishing £137,993 in tax.

“Keeping in regular contact with you guys (Blue Rocket Accounting), has proved to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made!”

Nick Wright, Operations Director, The Rouge Partnership Limited

If you would like to learn more about what Blue Rocket could do for your business, and receive the kind of support The Rouge Partnership enjoy, call 01322 555442 or email us to arrange a free no obligation meeting.









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