Our team is your team: how we work at Blue Rocket



At Blue Rocket, we do things a bit differently. Everything is about you, our client. As the centre of our focus, we have structured our team around you in order to provide you with the best people and support for your business, whether you’re a start-up or ready to build your business empire.  

As a result, we have three teams – Mars, Saturn and Jupiter - which are designed to fit your business, offering tailored support depending on your company size, turnover and the business challenges you’ll likely be facing.

Below we have provided a brief overview of these teams, the support you can expect and the people within these teams responsible for taking care of you and your business.


Team Mars – helping start-ups to blast-off

Team Mars is dedicated to businesses with an annual turnover of up to £150,000. This team is geared up to look after sole traders, start-ups, consultants and a range of different businesses usually consisting of one or two employees.

Mars is led by Emma Duda, our Senior Client Advisor, who has been with us for the past eight years and is still just as excited to learn more about your business. Emma shares this responsibility with Miguel Calabrese, who has recently stepped up as our Managing Director so is now also at the helm of the ship.

Supporting them is Sophie Gass and Laura Saward, both Trainee Client Managers, who are always happy to assist and eager to prove themselves by helping you to be more successful.

Together, Team Mars helps you get everything in place and keep your numbers running smoothly, including support with VAT (when the time is right) and taking on employees, if required. You’ll also benefit from unlimited support, which means that you can call, email or meet your team as often as you like to ask questions, get help with your accounts or just check you’re doing things correctly,  without the worry of racking up additional costs.


Team Saturn – ensuring business owners maintain orbit

For business owners who enjoy the lifestyle their business creates for them, Team Saturn will keep you in comfortable orbit for as long as you want. Businesses in Team Saturn typically consist of around seven to eight employees, with a turnover between £150,000 and £500,000, and include everything from digital marketing agencies to construction subcontractors.

Emma Duda also heads-up Team Saturn, with the support of Client Managers Li Jin, Maheen Soomro, Sumayya Kunju and Trainee Client Advisor Jordan Parkinson. With their combined knowledge they can take anything you throw at them, so you can rest assured your business is in safe hands.

Plus, of course, you can call or email your team as often as you like without worrying about additional fees, whether you need to ask a quick question, get help relating to a specific challenge, or just to check you are still on track and doing what’s required.


Team Jupiter – supporting ambitious business owners in their reach for the stars

Team Jupiter looks after the needs of businesses with a turnover of over £500,000. These are usually larger companies with anything from eight to twenty employees and are often operating in the construction, manufacturing or import and export industries.

The team is headed up by Miguel Calabrese, our MD, but you will also find yourself dealing with Nancy Chad who will be your dedicated Client Manager. Team Jupiter will act as your Finance Director, giving you guidance and help with any changes that are needed, whether that’s a new accounting system, corporate structure or putting tax plans in place for future. We’ll also review your financial performance, strategy, revise your growth plans, benchmark your business against competitors and plan how you can keep more profit to drive future growth.

As with all of our teams, you can call or email as often as you like to seek advice without extra fees being added to your invoice.


Accountants by trade and advisors by experience, our mission is your success

No team is better or more experienced than the other, each team is simply geared towards giving you the best service which is relevant to your business. As one of our clients, you can rest assured that your finances are in safe hands, as all our Client Managers are fully qualified accountants, whether they are doing your bookkeeping, payroll, end of year accounts or VAT returns.

Therefore, we’re able to provide more than just the number crunching. We are here to offer advice and support to you and your business at every stage of your journey, so that you can reach your goals and maintain confidence in your decision making along the way.


If you’d like to find out how Blue Rocket can help your business to flourish, please get in touch via email or call 01322 555 442.

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