Higher profits, improved cashflow…what could YOU achieve in 45 minutes?


“I’m too busy managing my business day-to-day to plan more than a few weeks ahead.”

“I don’t know where I can make improvements to my business,or how it stacks up against the competition.”

“We don’t have any regular reporting or measurement in place.”

If any of these statements sound familiar, you’re not alone.

Small business owners are responsible for keeping many plates spinning, including areas such as HR compliance, health and safety,employment law and pension contributions. All these factors - and many more -contribute to form a significant amount of admin, distracting business owners from focusing on growing their company.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of running a business, but what if we said we could help you achieve higher profits, better cashflow and greater levels of personal income – in your lunch hour?

Is it some sort of wizardry?

No, we don’t have a magic wand, but we do have a tried and tested methodology which will help you to clarify your business objectives and focus on the key measures of success.

Set Objectives, Achieve Success (S.O.A.R) is a three-step process based on insights gained from a Nobel Prize winning economist,encouraging a logical and analytical approach to business decisions.

In a 45-minute seminar, Blue Rocket Accounting MD, Miguel Calabrese, will show you how to develop a strategy that will help you stand out from your competitors, spot opportunity for improvement and measure your progress…all on three pieces of A4 paper!  

It’s as easy as 1,2,3…honestly!

Step 1: Your business plan.  Based on the ‘balanced scorecard’ approach, the idea is to look at strategic measures in addition to financial measures of your business, to get a ‘balance’. It’s a holistic way to look at your business and should help you develop objectives, measures (KPIs), targets and initiatives.

Step 2: Benchmarking. By measuring your performance against your competitors, and your wider industry, you can focus on best practices to help you maintain the edge on your competition and continuously drive improvements.

Step 3: Improve your profits. The final step encourages you to break your business down into sections, to allow you to identify specific areas to focus on before moving on to the next.

Sound good?

If something sounds too good to be true, it’s usually because it is. So don’t take our word for it, consider the feedback from some previous S.O.A.R attendees:

“There were a lot of points in the seminar that will help usto grow the business, Blue Rocket are very knowledgeable.” David Hewes, Director, ADL Security Services


“The SOAR seminar was very informative, very good. Miguel was very precise with the information he gave, and it was very enjoyable.” Adrian Clay, Director, Monster Merchandising

“I definitely will book the next seminar. I think it is very useful – Miguel has the talent to communicate and teach people.” Victoria Burnside, Neva System Ltd

“The seminar was so great! As a ‘fresher’ in business it’s really opened my mind to forward thinking, but also to not be scared to think things through and to be prepared for all opportunities!” Alex Durham, Alex Durham Freelance

“Excellent presentation packed with useful information.” Linda Cloke, We Do Social Media

What each attendee will receive

·       Copies of three one-page documents that will help you permanently transform your business, bank account and life

·       Learn exactly how to use them to get the best possible results

·       Implementation support and guidance

·       Powerful insights into how your business compares to competitors



The next S.O.A.R seminar takes place on 16th November at 09:00,and is absolutely free to attend, thanks to our sponsor Steve Sargent,Healthcare Practice Partner at WPA.  

So,what have you got to lose? Don’t lose precious time drowning in admin and slogging away writing reports, identify what really matters to your business and set about improving it!


Your options now:

1. Take action and grow your business – register for your ticket now

2. Do nothing


With chartered certified accountants as well as bookkeepers on our team, we can offer companies from Bromley to Folkestone, and Tunbridge Wells to Margate the support and advice they can use to grow their businesses and achieve success.

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