Financial Fortitude For Waste Management Company In the Face of a VAT Inspection


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Financial Fortitude: A Decade of Partnership Between RecyclemeUK and Blue Rocket Accounting

For over a decade, RecyclemeUK has been a stalwart in waste management and recycling services in the Kent, London, and Essex regions. Established in 2012 as a family-run business, RecyclemeUK has grown from humble beginnings to a formidable force in the industry, boasting a fleet of HGV artic lorries dedicated to transporting waste and recyclable materials. From domestic collections to catering to the waste management needs of major corporations, the company prides itself on providing reliable and efficient services to its clientele.


Fleur Forsey-Young, the Director of RecyclemeUK, reflects on the journey:

"We started with just one driver/owner and one admin, but through dedication and hard work, we've expanded our operations to serve areas in and around the M25, Kent, and Essex. Our focus has always been on delivering top-notch service while maintaining a commitment to sustainability."


The Challenge of Facing a VAT Inspection

Blue Rocket Accounting has been an integral part of RecyclemeUK's success story, providing essential financial services for the past decade. Specialising in management of their accounts and payroll, Blue Rocket Accounting has become a trusted partner for RecyclemeUK, offering invaluable support in navigating financial challenges.

"When we faced a VAT inspection, Blue Rocket Accounting were there for us, "Fleur recalls. "Miguel provided unwavering support during the meeting, ensuring we had all the necessary documentation and assisting us in presenting it to the VAT inspector. It was a daunting experience for me, but having Blue Rocket Accounting by our side made all the difference."

What sets Blue Rocket Accounting apart, according to Fleur, is their exceptional customer service.

"They're always at the end of the phone for my many questions," she explains. "Their staff are not only friendly but incredibly efficient. It's like having a financial advisor who truly cares about the success of your business."


Support in the Face of Adversity

One particular encounter exemplifies the dedication of Blue Rocket Accounting to their clients. Fleur recounts her experience in the VAT meeting, a situation she found daunting as someone unfamiliar with the process.

"Miguel helped me rest assured that we had all the information required and urged me not to worry," she says. "His calm demeanor and expertise alleviated my concerns, and the meeting went smoother than I could ever have imagined."

In terms of tangible benefits, Fleur highlights the indispensable role Blue Rocket Accounting plays in managing their accounts and payroll.

"As someone not qualified to carry out these tasks, I rely on their expertise," she explains. "Without their support, I wouldn't be able to focus on growing and expanding our business."


In Conclusion

The partnership between RecyclemeUK and Blue Rocket Accounting is a testament to the power of collaboration. Through their unwavering support and expertise, Blue Rocket Accounting has not only helped navigate financial challenges but has also contributed to the continued success and growth of RecyclemeUK.

As Fleur Forsey-Young aptly puts it,

"They're more than just accountants; they're partners in our journey towards a sustainable business future."

Miguel Calabrese, Director of Blue Rocket Accounting had this to say;

"Here at Blue Rocket Accounting, our mission is simple: to empower businesses like RecyclemeUK to thrive by providing not just financial services, but unwavering support and peace of mind. We believe that by truly understanding our clients' needs and challenges, we can make a meaningful difference in their success stories."


If you would like support with a VAT Inspection or any other business accounting services, get in touch with the Blue Rocket Accounting team today on 01322 555442.

With thanks to RecyclemeUK Director Fleur Forsey-Young for providing a testament to our services and contributing to this VAT Inspection Case Study.

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