Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?


Why is it that we put certain jobs off, even when we know we stand to benefit from getting them done?

Switching energy providers, changing who we bank with, moving accountants…all things that we’re encouraged to keep an eye on, but somehow they all seem like a lot of hassle, and frankly, who has the energy?

But there is a reason why people talk about it, and why it doesn’t ever drop off your to-do list.

That nagging feeling that you’re not getting value for money or the support you need from your accountant, that’s a sign it might actually now be time to stop procrastinating…

and take action!

Considerations when choosing a new chartered certified accountant

Your accounts might be up to date and your tax returns all in order, but as your business grows you may find you need more support than your existing accountant is able to provide.

It might simply be that your business needs have outgrown the current arrangement, perhaps you require access to more than one person, and the accountant you work with currently isn’t able to offer increased client support.

Feeling as though you are not a priority for your accountant, through slow or even no response can be incredibly frustrating and may result in a lack of confidence in your accountant’s abilities. Ideally, you should choose an accountant that you enjoy working with, and one which has an accessible and approachable attitude.

Although changing your accountant may feel like a hassle, it should be a very straightforward process.

There isn’t specifically a good or bad time of year to change accountant; ideally you might want to avoid switching close to a financial deadline, for instance impending VAT or payroll cut off, but your new accountant should deal with anything coming over the horizon on your behalf.

Choosing to work with Blue Rocket

Whether we’re taking on a client that’s new to business or working with an established business that wants to move accountant, our mission at Blue Rocket is to make the process of moving to us as easy as possible.

Our teams are structured in a way that allows us to best support businesses, whatever the size or the stage of growth they are at.

Named Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, the teams deliver tailored support whether your business is a start-up or ready to scale-up.

You’ll pay one set price each month, but with the option of adding additional services (we call them ‘boosters’), should you need to.

  • Team Mars looks after clients on our Blast Off programme, aimed at businesses with a turnover of up to £150,000. Starting from £66 per month, we’ll make sure your company registrations are all in order, set you up with a bookkeeping package and review your finances with you on a monthly basis.
  • Team Saturn works with clients that have been in business for longer, with a typical turnover of between £150,000 - £500,000. We call this our Maintain Orbit programme, aimed at providing tailored support for clients and starting at £131 per month.
  • Team Jupiter looks after the needs of companies on our Reach for the Stars programme. Usually applying to larger companies, we will act as your Finance Director to understand the challenges and goals unique to your business.

You can find out more about our different packages and boosters over here, which might help you to work out what best suits your need and company structure.

The Blue Rocket process

Regardless of which programme we recommend for your business requirements, the process of switching to Blue Rocket is simple.

Once our proposal and terms of engagement have been agreed, we’ll send you a welcome email detailing our process so you know what to expect and who your client advisor will be.

Your client advisor will then give you a call to introduce themselves and how they will be supporting you as you move forward. You can find out more about our team members over on our ‘Meet the Crew’ page.

Then, if you have an existing accountant, all you need to do is inform them you are terminating your agreement and pass them our details. We do the rest!

We’ll get in touch with the previous accountant to request the last two years’ financial information and ascertain whether there are any impending deadlines (payroll, for instance), in which case we’ll request the accountant gets that information to us as a priority.

Depending on which services we’re providing for you, we’ll ask you to provide log ins for systems such as bookkeeping and VAT online – we also offer training into systems and software should you need it.

So why wait until tomorrow?

If you need a final nudge, here’s what some of our clients have to say about working with us:

“As a new client of Blue Rocket Accounting I have been blown away by the support they’ve provided…they’ve been there for their clients 24/7” STF Consulting Ltd, London

“Blue Rocket are something else…they know their stuff…on top of that, they are a warm and friendly firm. You always feel welcome, whether attending their offices in person or on the phone. You really feel like you are their only client.”, Kent

“We get insight and recommendations on a wide range of areas, something we certainly never got from our previous accountant. I highly recommend them.” Scaramanga Agency, West Malling, Kent

Kent based accountants working with companies in all sectors including construction, cleaning, retail, consultancy, manufacturing and hospitality to help them expand their horizons and reach for the stars.

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