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Eclipse Financial Planning was established in 2019 offering Holistic Financial Planning. They are passionate about ensuring their clients have the best chance of achieving their financial goals, and ultimately enjoying life to the fullest.

With vast experience in the financial services industry, Director Tom Kesterton set out with his transferrable skills to embark on his own business venture and escape employment .In his own words;

“Finance is a lifestyle not a job.”

On a mission to get people from where they are to where they want to be financially in the most efficient way, Tom has now established a reputable business serving London and the South East of England.


How we support Eclipse Financial Planning

Eclipse Financial Planning have been a client of Blue Rocket’s since their incorporation, September2019. As a financial expert, Tom knew the benefits of outsourcing the business accounting needs, and chose to use the Blue Rocket team for personal tax returns to corporate tax returns. From then to today, the ongoing relationship with Blue Rocket has led to additional business benefits such as; referrals generating revenue of over £29,000, multiple new leads to the business and networking opportunities to name a few.


Blasting off to success

Upon set-up of the business, it was clear that a high priority starting point was that Eclipse Financial Planning required support structuring multiple business entities and maximizing tax efficiencies from any losses incurred.

In those early days, losses can impact a business severely, and good management of such can be the difference between survival and collapse of a new business.

With that in mind, Blue Rocket got to work and set up a group structure and ownership so that future profits could flow through losses elsewhere before heading to the Directorship, therefore increasing the tax efficiency.

Blue Rocket were keen to facilitate the ongoing services needed and meet the immediate requirements of the complexities of such a business.

From that initial ‘Blast-Off’ meeting to today, it is estimated that Eclipse have saved in excess of £12,000 in taxes alone using the group structure that accounting experts Blue Rocket first set up.

Tom Kesterton told us;

“Due to the good early planning I’ve saved on income tax and future mitigation is much easier given the flexibility the Blue Rocket plan has created.”

Tom went on to say;

“The information I received from Miguel from the beginning was invaluable and I can’t put a number on how many times that it helped me in the early days! Miguel’s ability to lend a hear and problem solve is amazing.”


More than meets the eye

For any new business, leads are an essential part of growth, pathing the way to secured sales. Understanding this; Blue Rocket offer regular networking opportunities for those business looking to expand their reach and gain news leads. Eclipse Financial Planning fully embraced this and reaped the rewards of regularly registering for events, making connections. They credit the Blue Rocket events with;

·       £29,000 generated revenue from referrals

·       10 leads from the S.O.A.R event

·       New ways to pitch to their own prospective clients

·       And internal business improvements from take away process management tools.

The relationships developed between business owners and the Blue Rocket team mean that a trust is forged which enables profitable businesses to continue moving forwards and propel the growth of their company, knowing they’ve got the best support available.


We asked Eclipse Financial Planning why they use Blue Rocket Accounting, here’s what they had to say;

What in your eyes sets Blue Rocket apart from other accountants?

“Blue Rocket Accounting are a proactive team who are great at keeping on top of things and unlike many ‘online accountants’ will go above and beyond, even chasing you when necessary.”


Do you have an encounter with Blue Rocket which encapsulates your experience with the team so far?

“My meeting with the Blue Rocket Business Development Manager on how to work together could encapsulate my experience with the team so far. I enjoyed the brainstorming and the feeling was one of starting to scale my business and I took a sense of pride in other professional service firms wanting to share my service.”


What value does Blue Rocket bring to your business through their service solutions?

“There’s a variety of ways we gain value from Blue Rocket’s service solutions from increased revenue through referrals to business planning support and tax savings. But essentially, it is clear that they are there for their clients and that value is worth so much more.”


If you’re a director of a business with complex industry requirements, it’s vital to seek professional advice from setup as this will provide more options and the best chance of ongoing success.

For free business advice from one of our professional accountants, please call 01322 555442 oremail


About Eclipse Financial Planning

Eclipse Financial Planning are dedicated to supporting individuals, families, and businesses. From their London office they serve the width and breadth of the South East offering professional and personal financial planning services. For more information, visit their website.


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