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Exploring the beneficial outcome of dedicated accounting services on a business within the construction industry.


Blue Rocket Accounting is an accounting practice that specialises in providing services to growing businesses across London, the South East and Kent. This case study explores Blue Rocket Accounting's successful partnership with MAI Group, an electrical contracting company offering building services within the commercial sector. The study explores the challenges faced by MAI Group, the role of Blue Rocket Accounting in overcoming those challenges and the positive outcomes achieved through their collaboration. 


Client Background:

MAI Group, owned by Alan Ager & Richard Carter, operates as an electrical contractor and provides building services for large commercial buildings. Due to the impact of COVID-19 and changes in the building landscape, MAI Group faced several difficulties. The company aimed to grow the business, enhance business networking opportunities, and restructure the company to adapt to the evolving market conditions. 


Challenges Faced: 

  1. Business Growth: MAI Group wanted to expand its client base and increase its market presence. This required strategic planning, financial analysis, and effective budgeting.
  2. Business Networking: To foster business relationships and create new opportunities, MAI Group needed support in building a robust network within the industry.
  3. Restructuring: The changing landscape necessitated restructuring the company to optimise operations and adapt to the market demands effectively.



Blue Rocket Accounting Solutions:

Blue Rocket Accounting played a vital role in addressing MAI Group's challenges, ensuring the company's financial stability, and enabling Alan (CEO) to focus on other aspects of his business.

The following solutions were implemented:

  1. Streamlined Processes: Blue Rocket Accounting implemented efficient systems and processes to streamline MAI Group's financial operations. This ensured smooth workflows and minimised administrative burden.
  2. Regular Updates and Approval: The accounting team at Blue Rocket Accounting maintained open communication with Alan Ager ,seeking his approval on financial matters and providing regular updates. This transparent approach kept Alan informed and involved in the decision-making process.
  3. Expert Accountancy Services: Miguel, the Managing Director of Blue Rocket Accounting, demonstrated his expertise by taking MAI Group's accounting practices to the next level. His professional guidance and strategic advice helped optimise financial management for MAI Group.
  4. Dedicated Accountant: As with all Blue Rocket clients, MAI Group had access to a dedicated accountant; Sophie Gass, who consistently delivered exceptional work, contributing to the smooth operation of MAI Group's financial processes.


Successful Outcomes: 

  • VAT Investigation Support: When MAI Group faced an investigation by HMRC concerning VAT, Blue Rocket Accounting provided comprehensive assistance, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome for the company. This support demonstrated Blue Rocket Accounting's commitment to helping its clients navigate complex financial challenges.
  • Business Focus: By entrusting the accounting responsibilities to Blue Rocket Accounting, Alan Ager was able to shift his focus entirely to growing MAI Group's business. This allowed him to concentrate on securing new clients, networking, and implementing strategic changes to adapt to the evolving market conditions.
  • Financial Stability: Blue Rocket Accounting's expertise and dedication to streamlining financial processes contributed to MAI Group's financial stability. With efficient budgeting, financial analysis, and reporting, MAI Group was better equipped to make informed business decisions and achieve its growth objectives.



Blue Rocket Accounting's partnership with MAI Group, exemplifies the firm's commitment to providing expert accounting services. By streamlining processes, ensuring regular updates and approvals, and delivering exceptional accountancy support, Blue Rocket Accounting enabled MAI Group to overcome its challenges in the construction industry. Through their collaboration, MAI Group achieved financial stability, improved business focus, and successfully restructured their operations. In addition to achieving the MAI Group identified objectives, Blue Rocket Accounting guided them through what could have been a costly HMRC investigation.  Blue Rocket Accounting's expertise and dedication played a key role in supporting MAI Group's growth and facilitating its journey towards business success. 


"Working with Blue Rocket Accounting has been an absolute game-changer for the business. Miguel, Sophie & the team have gone above and beyond, taking our accounting to new heights. Their streamlined approach, regular updates, and expert guidance have allowed me to focus on growing MAI Group and tackling the challenges of the changing landscape. With their unwavering support, I can confidently say that everything is perfect, and I can rest assured knowing that the financial side of my business is in the best hands." 
Alan Ager – MAI Group  

If you're a Director of a business operating within the Construction Industry, professional accounting services delivered by certified accountants such as Blue Rocket Accounting can set you apart from the rest and propel you towards the sustainable growth of your business.

Take your company to the next level with the support of the Blue Rocket Accounting team by contacting us today on 01322 555 442 or email


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