Are you looking for an accountant who speaks to you more than just once a year? One that doesn’t just churn out your tax returns or financial statements, hands them over and then washes their hands of you (until their invoice needs paying!)? Did you know that there are accountants out there that do more than just crunch numbers; that proactively offer strategic advice to help your business grow? Yet to find them?

Are you a start-up business who:

  • Is paying for an accountant, but doesn’t know what he or she actually does for you?
  • Doesn’t really know whether you are set up right, and what you need to do to keep on top of your finances?
  • Doesn’t get straight answers (or any answers at all!) from your accountant, so feels kept in the dark?


Are you a business owner who has been operating for a couple of years but:

  • Feels that you probably aren’t making the most of your finances, but doesn’t know enough to make an informed decision?
  • Wants to grow their business, but doesn’t know where to turn for advice and support?
  • Would like someone to keep you on track and hold you accountable to help you achieve your goals?


Are you someone who:

  • Just wants help with their annual returns?
  • Would like some advice on inheritance tax?
  • Is looking for ad-hoc support from someone that really understands your situation?


Believe it or not, there are accountants out there that really do care how your business performs. It’s not enough just to submit figures to HMRC, they want to know what those figures actually mean, are you happy with how the business is performing? What’s next? They want to take the time to understand what you want from your business, and will provide the support to help you get there. Sound like a typical accountant? You bet your bottom dollar it doesn’t!

So why Blue Rocket?

We are one of those accountants that we’ve just mentioned above. To us, tax returns and bookkeeping are a given. You can go to any accountants for that. Where we differ is the proactive advice, support and planning we offer to our clients. We know the importance of having someone there to ask questions, keep you going when you need, and celebrating your successes with you. We’re like an accounting version of a personal trainer.

If you had to sum up what we’re all about in one sentence, it’s this:

“Putting honest, professional and committed business owners firmly on course to reach their goals with a tailored programme of accounting support that gives them the critical information they need to build the business they always wanted”.

True to our name, we want to help you soar into space and reach the stars, and we’ll be there with you for the journey.

At last we have met a firm of accountants who are interested in what we do, keen to learn how we work and genuinely want to help us grow. Blue Rocket Accounting, for us, is much more than just a company to produce our accounts.
Victoria - The Victoria Chart Company Limited
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