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It’s all about you! It’s about your vision, a vision that has clarity using the numbers that matter to you.

Notice, I have said vision and not mission and that is because the two are often confused but in my opinion are completely different.

Mission – is your core purpose i.e. your reason for being in business
Vision – is a picture of your business when it’s complete!

A vision needs to be;

  • Clear – it needs to have clarity because you want to be able to communicate it to anybody who asks, particularly the people who you are working with.
  • Consistent – You can’t say one thing one day and another thing the next that adds to total confusion not only for you but for the people you are working with, they are going off in all sorts of different directions
  • Congruent – like a jigsaw, one piece of a jigsaw looking at it tells you nothing, it may be red, black, blue, pink or two colours together and funnily enough put it all together and it completes a picture
  • It needs to paint a picture

But the question is, do we all have the ability to paint a picture and do we have the imagination to create a work of art?

Because frankly many business owners have a reasonable idea of what they want their business to be and what they want it to look like but find it difficult to get it across to other people and as for putting it into words, virtually impossible.

How about using this analogy, we are talking about painting and we are talking about numbers and they are both very relevant.  It’s easy to paint by numbers, you remember when you were young and  you may have received a painting by numbers set?  Strangely enough if you stuck to the rules and put the colour 12 in the number 12 and kept to the lines and so on, in the end you’ve painted a picture.

Now that was an analogy, and obviously a handy one to use, but what I suggest is that you start with the numbers that matter to you.  Stick to the numbers.

Just as an example and this is a short one.

“In 5 years time in the accounts year ended 31 March 2019 ABC Ltd will be owned by 2 people.  The turnover will be £3,000,000 with a net profit before tax of £400,000 (wishful thinking of course) but we will employ 15 people and have 500 customers spending an annual average of £6,000 buying 3 times a year.  We will operate from 5,000 sq ft, the business owners will work a 30 hour week and have 8 weeks holiday.  Our team will work a 35 hour week and have 6 weeks annual holiday and be paid 15% above the average in our business sector.  Our rating of customer happiness will be 9 out of a possible 10 and out team happiness will be 9.5”.

Now this could have been much longer but does that not tell you what the business will look like? You could even add more numbers to it – to me it’s just about numbers linked together with a few words.

So you can see, that what we have got is a vision of this business just categorised with those key numbers, those numbers that are important to that particular business – and this is how you can make a start on your vision. Vision worksheet.pdf


Just remember, you just keep adding and adding what really matters to you.  Because those are the numbers you want to change.

The new year is nearly here and what better time to create your vision but remember  – “begin with the end in mind”.

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