You Cannot be Serious it's Summer Already


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summer is here

It’s June already, how did that happen so quickly! June is, of course, the beginning of summer for us here at Blue Rocket, which is all kicked off with Wimbledon.

Strawberries and sunny days, what a delight! You might have gathered by now that we are a little bit competitive here at Blue Rocket, and we love it when Wimbledon comes along, and we have the TV on in the office and follow all the matches as they happen.

The summer tends to bring with it a relaxed atmosphere in the office, as your team enjoy the balmy (hopefully!) weather. If you’re not careful, productivity can drop as the temperature rises. We know the importance of work/life balance, and so when it gets to summer, we switch to summer hours, which means we start earlier in the office, but also finish earlier, so that we have longer evenings to spend time with family and friends. We’ve done this for a number of years and we really see the benefits in terms of team happiness as well as productivity.

A survey conducted among employees showed that 45 percent were more distracted in the summer (and it’s not just due to the tennis on the TV!), but of those that were offered flexible hours, 66 percent felt more productive as a result.

Offering benefits such as this demonstrates to your employees that you have their best interests at heart, and is more likely to encourage trust and a better relationship between you.

Apart from summer hours, general flexible working could be something that your company introduces as a benefit to be enjoyed by your employees. For example, there are some people that work best early in the morning, and some who prefer to work into the evening. If you ask your employees what they would like to do, they can have the choice when to work and work to best effect.

However, it’s still important to set boundaries, for example you may need a certain number of people available to answer client queries during working hours, you don’t want all your team online at 2 in the morning, for example!

Before you do implement something as big as flexible working, it’s important you get buy-in from all yo
ur team; do they actually want the benefit that you are proposing? Are they happy with the boundaries you are setting?

Then start with a trial period, for example, one Friday every fortnight, just to see how it works in practice. You want to ensure that your team don’t abuse the privileges you are giving them (and actually you will more than likely find that 99% of your team won’t) and that your clients or customers are able to receive the same service that they are used to.


So in June, you’ll find us cheering on Andy Murray, and in July, our summer hours kick in – from Monday 4 July, we’ll be at our desks bright and early, and in the evenings, we’ll be enjoying the summer sunshine!

So give it a go! We find it really benefits our employees, and by extension, our clients.

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