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As an employer, are you feeling like you are being hit at all angles by costs rising at an alarming rate?


First, the national minimum living wage is up – that’s one blow, Wham!

Next into the ring is the cost of holiday pay – Bam!

To deal the final punch are the pensions auto-enrolment contributions – Slam!

And you’re down on the ground, the ref is counting to 10, and you’re not sure whether you’ve got anything left in you to keep going…

Don’t worry, the magic towel is on its way into the ring in the form of Blue Rocket and the HR Dept. To help you fight back against the rising costs in your business, we’ve got a come-back plan. And it’s in the form of an event taking place at our offices in Dartford on Friday 20th May.

We’re going to share some ideas to help businesses through these tough times, as staff costs rise and tax rates change; don’t worry, it isn’t all doom and gloom!

So not only will ourselves and Simon Morgan from the HR Dept be on hand to suggest some practical solutions which you can
implement within your business, but we’ve also got a great keynote speaker who can really shed some light on the way forward.

Antonio Fletcher is an Employment Law Solicitor at EMW Law, and he will not only be talking through options for you as a
business owner, but also will be answering questions on how you can mitigate the effect of these rising costs and the potential impact of Brexit.

On that note we have another blog here called “Brexit – What is the deal for your business?” Definitely worth a read before the big day!

We know that there’s some great solutions to be had, so definitely not time to throw in the towel yet!

Come along to the Blue Rocket offices on 20th May, the bout starts at 1pm, and we’ll even throw in some lunch too.

What more could you ask! And if that’s not convinced you quite yet…

A recent article from a Chamber of Commerce magazine showed just how drastic these rising costs are, and what an effect they could have on business owners.


Tracking the new Minimum Living Wage and Employers’ Minimum Pension Contribution, the cost of both is predicted to rise from £6.50 in 2015 right over the £9.00 mark in just 5 years.

How many of you have that factored into your 5 year business plan?

If you aren’t prepared, this rise could have a devastating effect on your bottom line, and cause you to rethink everything.

So, we’re here to ensure that doesn’t happen and get you fully prepared to factor this into your business.

Thank goodness!
So if you want to book yourself onto

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this FREE seminar, then either call us on 01322 555 442 or visit Eventbrite to get your front row seat reserved.

It’s a fight you’ve got to take on, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

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