So we are now in June


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But what does that mean?

  • Officially the first month of the summer season
  • A great month to get married (apparently!)
  • Wimbledon
  • Longest day of the year usually happens on either the 21st or 22nd

But that’s not what June means to me – the reason I have always liked June is because of Sports Day, you know, that day when you were at school, when you could smell the competition in the air and sense the loyalty amongst the classes and then this got me thinking…wouldn’t it be good, if that competitiveness, that loyalty, that all round happiness could be achieved in the work place?

Think about it;

Over time, and this is just natural, complacency kicks in; which for a business can mean the beginning of the end.

Bring back the winning edge in your team members by creating a bit of competiveness between them, how about a game that has a league table of some kind and it doesn’t have to be physical – for the football fans how about starting your own fantasy football league?

Loyalty has nothing to do with compliance, commitment, or length of service. Loyalty, believes in where you’re going, how you want to get there, regardless of how long they have been with you. However, team members can start to feel disconnected from their work, colleagues and the business which then brings their loyalty into question.

Reconnect your team by creating teams within teams to create loyalty between colleagues which will in turn build loyalty to the business – how about having a corporate sports day?

There’s a book called Practice What You Preach, by Professor David Maister, in that book he sets out the evidence for how a 20% increase in team happiness can add 42% on average to your bottom line.

In other words, when your people are happier, your business is much more profitable. That’s not by magic, it’s because an engaged, enthusiastic happy team go the extra mile. Your clients can hear the smile in their voice on the telephone, they make things happen, they get things done, they deliver sensational service, they prevent problems in the first instance.

A happy team is a profitable team and what’s the best way increase happiness?
Have some FUN!


At Blue Rocket we have a giant scalextric track in the office – now that does bring out the competitiveness in all of us especially as we keep a league table of the fastest laps and we do have teams just like Formula 1 and if you’re winning then you’re happy!

So to sum up, June leads to sports day which leads to competitiveness, loyalty and happiness and ends up with ways to improve the performance of your business – it’s funny how one thing can lead to another.

If you’re ever close to the office please pop in and try your luck in getting the fastest lap!

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