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For all those that have taken a look at our website, you will see the picture of all of us, and a brief introduction to each one of our team members. But we thought it was about time that we made that introduction in a bit more detail, more about what each person does, together with their tips and advice.

Meet the Moon Walker (our networking pro)

So, say hello to Ray Angell, the Moonwalker (our Networking pro).

Out of all the team, Ray is the one you are most likely to meet. He is the networker. You will find Ray at most local networking events, and there’s probably not many people he doesn’t know, or know of. In fact, if you don’t know Ray, then you need to get networking!

Ray has this talent where he is able to get to know people he doesn’t know when he enters a room within minutes, and make them feel like he’s known them for years, his personality makes people warm to him instantly. He’s a great introducer, connecting people with people who should be connected, to potentially collaborate and do business together, and this is what makes Ray such a good networker.

So why do we have a member of our company who is dedicated to networking? It is vital to business development, and our business wouldn’t be where it was today without Ray and his connections and leads that he has brought in through networking.

It’s important to recognise that networking isn’t about selling though, it’s about relationship building, and this is what Ray is so good at. This takes a while, and so as a business owner, you need to ensure you dedicate enough time and resource to getting out and about meeting other local businesses, you need to give it at least six months before you can expect to get some business in (you may be lucky before).

Ray spends time connecting people, putting people in touch with each other, and this helps to build confidence. People trust Ray because they know him, and they know he helps people and isn’t just about getting people through the door and converting them into clients. He gives as much as he gets, in terms of providing valuable information to prospects and contacts. And this is paid back over time, in terms of recommendations and referrals.

So what are Ray’s top tips for networking?

  • Don’t think about networking as ‘what can you get back’. To begin with, there will be a lot more giving out than you are getting back, lots of events that you may go to, where you don’t get any contacts, no-one interested in meeting up with you, or even anyone that could make a potential client in the room. Take your time. Rule out events that might not work for you, but only after you’ve been a couple of times. The first time might be a reason why the right people that aren’t in the room, school holidays, busy time of year for the business etc. Play the waiting game, and don’t worry, it will repay you over time
  • Get to know people who won’t necessarily become clients. People do refer and recommend people, and these might be people you least expect. So don’t rule anyone out, widen your network as much as possible
  • If you surround yourself with the right people, then you become like them. If you gravitate towards people who share your mindset, are the kind of people that you would want as your clients and customers, friends and associates (for you get all of them through networking), then this will only have a positive influence on your business

So give it a go!

If you’d like to get started, but don’t know where to go, then why not pop along to one of our regular networking events? You will be able to meet Ray there, and we promise he will look after you well! Or get in contact with Ray on or 01322 555 442.

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