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What is a brand?

You may think that it’s your logo, letterheads, website etc. but that’s just part of what makes up a brand. Officially, in branding terms, all of that list is called your brand identity, or your overall look.

So what is a brand then?

Your brand is everything about your company, its values, its characteristics, the experience that people have when they come into contact with your business, whether they are customers, employees, suppliers etc.

It’s important as a business to define what your brand is, as it is essentially the core of everything you do. You should start by working out what it is you stand for, what types of products and services you want to offer, and who you want your target customers to be. This will help you to see what your point of differentiation is, what makes you stand out from the crowd, your unique selling point. Because that’s what you want to focus on. You want to be as appealing as possible to potential customers, if you can understand what they need, and show how your company can fulfil that need better than anyone else, then you’ve cracked it!

From that, then comes the fun bit, designing your brand identity. Your logo and other visual material should be representative of your brand values, it should capture that essence of what makes your company what it is. So think about the colours that best represent that, the font, whether you want a strapline, etc.

At Blue Rocket, our brand is extremely important to us, and we’ve invested a lot of time working out what it is that makes us ‘us’. Now that we think we’ve nailed it, we want to shout about it! It’s really made a difference to our business, and we love what we stand for.

So we’ve really gone to town in promoting our brand, as you probably know, we run events and seminars, and there’s nothing better than a promotional product too! We believe that it keeps us front of mind with our existing and prospective customers, we want to be first on the call list when businesses are looking for a new accountant, and we work hard to try and maintain that position.

If you’d like to talk to us more about how we’ve used our brand to grow our business, we’d love to chat, do get in touch with us. Alternatively, we’ve also been invited to talk about our brand success at a seminar taking place in early October, hosted by IV.Q Branding & Design – details below – we’d love to see you there!

IV.Q Branding & Design – ‘The importance of visual identity within your brand’

Thursday 1 October at 3pm

The Cross Keys Centre

36 Erith High Street




For tickets, email

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