It's all About the Add ons for Cloud Accounting


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Our last blog talked about the benefit of cloud accounting, which we’re going to tell you more about at our Blue Skies Ahead seminar taking place in February.

So hopefully, we’ll convince you that the cloud is the way forward, especially when it comes to accounting, but here’s the thing…

…we’re not going to stop there.

Have you ever heard about add-ons for cloud accounting?

Add-ons are additional features associated with accounting software, which (as the name suggests) can be added on to the basic package to provide additional features.

What’s the point? Well, what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. One business is completely different to the next. So whilst all businesses will want an accounting package to basically do the same thing, i.e. track your payments and let you know in real time what’s coming in and going out, there’s probably other things which could be extremely useful for your business, which you didn’t even know about!

All add-ons are designed to essentially make your life easier, and who doesn’t want a bit more time in their lives? Plus anything you do add on will integrate seamlessly with your software, so you won’t have to manually export any figures into your cash flow system, or update your bank accounts etc.

But what add-ons can you actually get and are they worth it?

Add ons for cloud accounting

Well, let’s take Xero, for example. This is the software we use at Blue Rocket, and we’ve tried them all, so we know it’s the best!

It has over 500 add-ons available, all of which are designed to help you operate your business efficiently and effectively.

For example, if you take payments as part of your business, you can integrate Paypal into the software, so any payments made in and out will automatically be uploaded to Xero. Or there are time tracking apps, so you can see how much time you and your staff are spending on tasks, so it will help you to see how profitable you are being.

Or inventory software, so you can see how much is being held in stock, how much value you have in products, as well as track how much money you need to put aside for additional stock at busy times for example. Integrating it with Xero will help you to work out whether your cash flow will allow for more stock to be purchased.

So you get the idea, right?

Pretty amazing to get your accountancy package to essentially work around your business, making it all work in cohesion and not only save you time, but allow you to make informed real-time decisions taking all the guess work out of the equation!

So here’s what we’re going to do. At our FREE session taking place in February (on the 21st, starting at 9am, at the London Golf Club in Ash) we want to show you just exactly how cloud accounting will work for you, by demonstrating which add-ons you’d need for your business, so you can see just how easy it is.

There are so many add-ons, that you would be able to create the right package to cover ALL your needs. Now that sounds pretty awesome right?

So to see how the cloud would work, AND why add-ons are the icing on the cake, then get yourself booked onto our seminar. We only have a limited number of seats available, so get booked while you can, then you’ll definitely be on cloud nine once you see how we can make a difference! 29370767757?ref=ecount

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