How to Get the Most out of the Staff Christmas Party and Were not Talking About the Gossip


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Corporate hospitality isn’t just about entertaining clients, you should also be rewarding employees for their hard work throughout the year. They’re both just as important as each other for keeping your business going from strength to strength.

Now is the time of the year where employees’ thoughts turn towards the Christmas party. A night out with colleagues and bosses is a great way for everyone to interact, for everyone to feel like they are part of a team, and you can reward them for their contributions to the business.

It’ll also help with relationships, if staff members can have fun together, they’re more likely to forge better working relationships when in the office.

It’s important to put some thought into the event, you don’t want it to be boring, making it different or unusual shows that you value your employees and that their contribution is integral to the business.

It’s also a great idea to involve staff in the organisation, they’ll give you ideas, and it’s more likely your employees will be happy with the plans, as they made them!

If your organisation is set up in an office, then take the party outside of the office setting. There are so many things you can do, from open-top bus tours, to museums, ice rinks, don’t limit your imagination!

Think about using your in-house talent. There may well be some secret DJs, or salsa teachers amongst the ranks, they could determine what activities take place!

Think about involving families too, it’s also a thank you to family members, especially if your employees have had to work late evenings or weekends, eating into family time.

You can use your party to give your employees gifts, but think about what they really want. To be honest, they’re probably not going to want a branded calendar, but an extra day’s holiday will go down a treat!!

So, the return on investment on a Christmas party can be huge. Employee loyalty, better working relationships, that’s worth any hangovers you might have the day after!!

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