Embracing Milestones Within your Life and Business


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As employers, we know how much it means to an employee when we recognise their efforts. It increases motivation, job satisfaction, loyalty and general happiness and wellbeing in the workplace.


One of the ways in which you can integrate this into your business is by marking milestones. Whether that’s a yearly anniversary, or a certain monetary target, it’s something for the employee to aim for, and a nice point for you to mark their loyalty and hard work.

There’s nothing like a good incentive after all. However, it’s also nice to make that reward something more unusual than just a ‘thank you’ or a bit extra in the pay packet that month (although those still go down well, so don’t not do those too).

For example, you could have something silly in the office, such as a trophy, or T shirt with their nickname on it which gets awarded to the person whose milestone has been reached. Something which is a bit different, but shows that you have put some thought into it and tried to create a bit of camaraderie and banter in the office.


It’s also nice when employees have the chance to reward each other rather than it coming from the boss. Nominations for a high street voucher to a colleague because they’ve achieved something or reached a certain goal gets the whole company involved, and again, shares the love between everyone.

Milestones can also be a personal thing, for example, if you are a solopreneur, who’s going to award you ‘Employee of the Month’? It’s important that you recognise your own goals and milestones too, for example, the day when you left your job, the date you set up the business, first client etc.
But why do we need to celebrate milestones? Of course it’s important having a long-term vision for your career or business, but that can seem a long way away, and when you’re only focusing on that, then you forget how far you’ve come.

Plus, they help to keep you on track, help your employees to keep going, it’s a mental check-in to give you or your employees a boost. It allows you to have fun, take a time out, and enjoy where you’ve come from.

But why do we keep harping on about milestones? Well, here’s the thing, our very own Julie Angell has a very important milestone (21 again!) coming up at the end of July and that’s definitely one to celebrate!!
Sometimes, milestones can be ones to dread, but it’s important to mark them all the same in whatever way you feel appropriate as it’s a chance to look forward as well as back. So embrace being 50 Julie!! 50 is the new 40! Now, we’re off to have a brainstorm to think about how we can celebrate it in the office!

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