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Let us explain a bit more. You see, we’ve agreed to take part in a charity banger driving event called the Scumrun, which starts on 11 May. The website describes it as 5 days of carnage across Europe, we must be crazy!

There are only a few rules. One. The car we travel in must be bought for under £500. Second, we pitch up on the first day, and then we’re given our route. And we do that each morning. We literally have no idea where we’re going. Just that we will be driving around 3000 miles.

So after getting our heads checked to make sure we hadn’t gone a little bit doolally, we set about car shopping.

And we settled on a Rover 75 – British racing green, of course, which was as cheap as chips, mainly because no-one wants to buy a Rover 75. First challenge was to get it back to Dartford from Bury St Edmunds. Which we did, without killing ourselves but had to have the windows open, as a blocked pipe meant some of the fumes were entering the car…

A bit of a repair, and we’re all good to go, and can now drive with the windows up! We’ve been on a few test runs, and it’s still going, so fingers crossed.

Now, the Scumrun has been going for 10 years, and each year it raises money for a different children’s charity.


This year the charity is Together for Short Lives which provides care and support to children with health conditions that are life-shortening or life-threatening. A very worthy cause we’re sure you’ll agree.

In addition, we’re also raising money for our own charity, Demelza Hospice by inviting businesses to advertise on our very fashionable motor. If you’re interested, then £100 is all we’re asking, and your logo will travel with us across Europe, who knows where… just email if you would like to sponsor.

Now, the team. Of course, the sensible thing to do would be to have a team who knows their way round a car in case it breaks down. But our team is Ray, Julie and one of our very good friends Mark Smith. None of whom know the first thing about mechanics. We could probably change a tyre between us, but that’s pushing it a bit.

So we’re well prepared, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Actually, there is one last thing. Does anyone have a pop-up tent? We’re looking for one to stay in, so if anyone would like to donate one, we’d be very grateful!!

And of course, if you’d like to support us, and donate, then just drop Ray and email on

Thanks all!

And we’ll be keeping you up to date on our Facebook page as much as we can, so make sure you follow us and Blue Rocket 1, or BR1, which is what we’ve called our Rover!

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