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It’s at this time of year when the schools reopen, the traffic gets worse and the relaxed and calm atmosphere for the past 6 weeks is now a distant memory.

But what else?
Well, following the Back to School theme, why not start to think about training programmes for you and your team?

Why train your team?
Success in any business means providing great customer service and quality of work, to do that you need a well trained team who are full ideas, know their role and understand the business.

A business is not just a group of people meeting on a daily basis, it is a team that work together to achieve a goal and ultimately generate a profit.

To ensure you get the most out of the training, there are our 5 essential parts to any training programme.

1)      Identify your training needs
Categorise skill gaps and then rank them in order of importance and/or priority – tip set SMART objectives

2)      Involve your team
Win the support of your team by asking them what training they feel they need – tip remember everybody learns differently make sure you account for this in individual programmes

3)      Finding the right training
Always try and match your team member to the training not vice versa, this will ensure the team member and the business get the maximum benefit – tip there are various types of training, off-the-shelf, in-house, mentoring, seminars, workshops and online course

4)      Evaluate the training
Using the SMART objectives set in step 1, see how well the training went and areas to improve for future – tip you and your team member should both review the training this way you can see both perspectives

5)      Training isn’t always the answer
An overloaded team member would not benefit from training.

One last point, don’t forget about yourself! Lead by example; show how important training is to every team member of the business.


Just remember, the difference between you and your competitor is the people delivering the service!

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