Are Business Shows and Exhibitions Good for Business?


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Well, business shows and exhibitions can work wonders for your business as they offer a unique way of marketing for you.  They are the only form of marketing that allows your prospects to comprehensively experience your product/service through demonstrations or one-to-one conversations. Think about it, how often do you (or could you) get a queue of prospects waiting to ask you questions?

But, as with any marketing, there must be some method behind it all to make sure you actually get something from it.

Here are some top tips for exhibiting;

Set your objectives; what do you want to get out of the day, brand awareness? Build your prospect list?

Pre-show buzz; this is usually the most overlooked step but can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful day. You should consider email marketing, direct mail, and social media, to try and get as many people as you can to attend the exhibition.

Team training; your team should have a clear understanding of the day and should practice scripts and even go as far as acting out some possible scenarios.

Breaking the ice; remember body language is just as important as what you say. Stand at the front of the stand, don’t fold your arms and actively engage the passer bys.

Don’t just stand at your stand; even with all the pre-show promotion there will be attendees who have never heard of you, so walk around give out leaflets, freebies, prize draws, something that will draw those people to your stand.

Don’t lose steam; when the show is almost over and the footfall begins to drop, you may think this is your time to relax, but no, experienced attendees will know this is the best time to visit as you will not be as busy and will have time to talk to them, don’t put them off by looking like you are waiting for the minutes to tick by.

Follow up; now this is the most important of all, every name, business card and details sheet you have must be followed up, without it the whole exhibition is a waste of time.


Exhibitions have a lot of potential for business owners but at the same time have just as many pitfalls and before you know it it’s all over. You should consider what your objective is and how you can make the exhibition work for you, because at the end of it all it could be more than just a financial loss.

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