Are Accountants and Dentists the Same


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This has been said a few times over the years, but it was only last week I was able to put two and two together…

What I heard was that some people said that going to your accountant gave the same experience as visiting your dentist; I never took this as compliment!

But, as my dentist appointment grew closer and closer, I started to see the similarities;

1) I was given directions to the hospital when I first made the appointment

2) A week before my appointment, I got a complimentary phone call reminding me of the date and time, which was great because I have a brain like a sieve

3) The directions actually worked! I arrived at the hospital (as I was having my wisdom teeth out) on time.

Then the unexpected happened, the lift was out of service and I had to walk up 23, yes 23, flights of stairs! I was not in a good mood.

4) But after waiting for only 5-10 minutes (I know I was even shocked at that waiting time!) I was escorted to the surgery cubicle

5) I had three dentists working on me, a senior dentist, a trainee and a dental nurse

6) The dentist gave me an understanding (in plain English) of what was going to happen and why they were doing it

7) During the surgery (I was awake by the way) the dental nurse updated me all the way through

8) The trainee was in charge for most of it and the senior only stepped in when the trainee had questions

9) Once the procedure was finished all three went through the aftercare instructions and none of my questions were left unanswered

10) Then I was escorted out to the lift (by which time the lift had been repaired) just to make sure I was OK

Now, I know I had my teeth taken out and I had to walk up to the 23rd floor but the whole customer service experience was second to none.

If this is the bench mark that accountants are being compared to then it can’t be bad.

As all business owners know the most important part in your business is the customer, without them you wouldn’t be in business.

So what is the experience like for your clients? Could it be improved? Are you compared to any other industries? Leave a comment, i would love to hear from you.

Thumbs up no rocket

If you do decide to map out you client experiences then remember their experience starts even before they arrive at your office.

So, all that is left to say is, the next I hear that accountants and dentist are the same I will nod and smile.

Until next time…

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