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Accountant West Malling

It’s time for us to practice what we preach. As you know, part of our offering to clients is business development and strategy – whether you are a business start up or a business with ambitious growth plans, we help you on that trajectory to achieve your business goals and send it soaring into space.

Well, it’s time for us to have a taste of our own medicine. We’ve been working on our growth plans too, and we’ve decided to expand out of our Dartford office premises.

Don’t worry, you can still catch us there – we’re not going anywhere (in fact it’s now called Blue Rocket HQ) – but we’re really excited to share the news that we’ve set up a satellite office in King’s Hill, West Malling too. So if you are looking for an accountant in West Malling, look no further!

This is an exciting time for us – we want to take Blue Rocket into a new area of Kent – although many of you will have seen Ray hovering around at networking meetings in the area, it’s time for us to come back to earth and put down some roots in the area too.

It’s great for us to have a base for our clients to visit in the area – and we’d be delighted if you are in the area to come along and visit us.

Of course, we’re well known for having a Scalextric track in our basement in Dartford, so as we move in, we need to think about the important decisions, such as what we’re going to have in our office in King’s Hill? Any suggestions?

Drop us a line with your thoughts, and we’ll give them some consideration. Could make for a new and fun networking event if Twister was in the office…

You’ll still get the same service and offering from us – you’ve just got a choice of locations to meet us in – it just allows us to be more productive with our time as we’re out and about meeting clients, as well as giving us a location for clients to come to us.

So we hope you’ll come and visit us in our new premises, we’re just getting settled at the moment, and will soon be ready to open our doors and welcome you.

And we’re excited about the opportunities that this will bring us too – new clients to meet and new businesses to help support on their own growth journeys.

Next time you are in the area, give us a bell, and we’ll put the kettle on to welcome you!

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